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The CCG Property Management team has a wealth of experience in real estate management, construction management, development and brokerage.  Our approach is holistic and includes services beyond the day-to-day management of the asset.  With the diverse backgrounds of our team members, we create a positive experience for our clients, both property owners and tenants.  


Every asset is unique.  We continually evaluate the overall performance of a property including the tenant mix, future rollover, financial position, physical condition, and operating efficiencies.  We work closely with our clients to increase the value of their assets and the return on their investments.  

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Evaluate capital improvements, operating policies, and procedures to increase the value of the asset and the return on the investment. 


Consistent collaboration to understand and achieve the owner’s long and short term goals for the asset.


Work jointly with the brokerage team, current tenants, and prospective tenants to establish a relationship before the deal is done.


Analyze financials, review leases, manage consultants, and inspect building infrastructure. 

Maximize value by analyzing market position and target disposition timeline.

A commitment to the highest level of customer service.  Knowing our tenants and their business to facilitate their success.  


Property Management is more than making sure the parking lot is swept, the lawn is mowed, and the garbage is emptied. A great property management team is focusing first and foremost on providing excellent customer service to both clients, the property owner and the tenants. The number one responsibility of the management team is to ensure the tenants are so happy in their space that when it comes time to renew their lease, they don’t even consider relocating. Initial lease up and turnover costs have a significant impact on the financial returns of a real estate investment. Mitigating these costs and securing lease renewals is the homerun for the landlord with a far greater effect on the value of the property than reducing operating expenses.

This all starts with excellent customer service, frequent communication, making a personal connection, understanding and enforcing the terms of the lease and going the extra mile to provide options (even when you are telling a tenant the cost of a repair will be theirs to bear). Moving is expensive and disruptive. When a tenant feels that the property manager (translation Owners Representative) is a partner in problem resolution, they become even more committed to the relationship and to the property.

The CCG Property Management team think like owners. We put ourselves in the property owners shoes when making decisions about an asset. Careful consideration is given to every expense based on the anticipated return on the investment whether that “return” is in the form of a traditional financial ROI or goodwill with a tenant. Our team evaluates and makes recommendations to our clients based on the ownerships anticipated hold term and goals and objectives for the property.

Decisions are made based on what is best for the asset. Looking for options that provide win-win solutions to an issue, finding a way to say “yes” or offering alternatives to resolve an issue can make the difference between a business relationship and a partnership for both the property owner and the tenant. The property manager is constantly seeking the right balance between both customers.



Accurate financial reporting is a critical component of managing an asset for every investor. CCG Property Management consistently receives high marks for providing top notch financial reports to our clients. Financial services include preparing annual operating budgets, 5-to-10-year capital plans, monthly and quarterly financial statements and annual common area reconciliations. Report format is based on the needs of each client and their reporting specifications. Monthly financial reports include an executive summary of property operations and variance reporting. Internal controls are in place to manage accounts receivable and payable ensuring that income is collected in accordance with lease contracts and vendors are paid timely while monitoring cash flow.


CCG Property Management operates primarily in a Yardi Voyager platform and our team is versed in a variety of software applications. We can work within a clients system if that is preferred and do not anticipate any challenges meeting additional software requirement needs of new or existing clients.



Our mission is to enhance the tenant experience by exceeding expectations, resolving issues that arise and contribute to ensuring a successful renewal transaction in the future. Our engineering team is our eyes and ears with boots on the ground every day at the property. They are most often the first person the tenant will see when a maintenance issue arises. How the engineer responds to the tenant and handles the interaction is critical. Every interaction is an opportunity to build trust and a stronger relationship. It is important we communicate regularly with our tenants on the status of repairs and solutions to resolve issues that arise.


Working collaboratively with the Project Manager, the engineering team is responsible for responding to tenant service requests and managing the maintenance schedule defined by the annual budget. This includes supervising vendor performance, assisting with management of construction projects and ensuring routine long and short term preventative maintenance projects are scheduled timely. The engineer also participates in preparing the operating and capital budget.


CCG Property Management has on-staff building engineers and also works with third party providers to contract for engineering services. CCG will evaluate how services will be provided at a property and make a recommendation to the ownership as to the best staffing scenario for the property. Engineers are cross trained across the CCG portfolio of managed properties to ensure proper back-up in the event of an emergency and to cover in the event of illness or vacation schedules.



The team at CCG Property Management have experience in managing a variety of construction projects including ground up development of office, industrial and mixed-use projects, tenant improvements, capital improvements and major construction to reposition a property.


We have relationships with general contractors, architects and consultants and can provide recommendations for the right team for a project based on the property type and complexity of the scope of work. We manage all projects from initial concept through design, jurisdictional approval, bid process, construction, punch list and final occupancy. Communication with all parties including the ownership, tenant(s), brokerage team, architect and contractor throughout the process is critical for successful completion of a project.

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